* Training courses include unlimited attendance. 10 workbooks are provided per session. Additional training materials may be purchased at an additional fee. Prices listed are for training sessions across the United States. Travel expenses will be billed separately for all training locations outside of Arizona. 

current seminars available

Please continue to check back for new seminars. Please contact our office to discuss custom seminars.

the basics of CONTRACT compliance

SESSION FEE: $499.00*

4 Hour Seminar

Whether you are a new GSA Contract Holder or a seasoned veteran contractor, contract compliance is key. This training session will train you on the essentials to remain in contract compliance.

This program is perfect for the new GSA contractor, contractors preparing for a Contractor Assistance Visit, those who need to make corrections after receiving a negative GSA report card, or companies who are training new contract personnel.


session fee: $499.00*

2-4 Hour Seminar

Feeling anxious about your upcoming Contractor Assistance Visit? Let our staff ease your mind and help you prepare. As we break-down the structure of the meeting and information that will be required, you will feel more comfortable and knowledgeable on the topics that will be discussed. 100% of this seminar is based on your contract terms & conditions.

This program is perfect for the company who is currently scheduled for a Contractor Assistance Visit or is within 18 months of a contract renewal.  

the basics of contract maintenance

session fee: $599.00*

4-6 Hour Seminar

Having a hard time maintaining your contract's products and/or services? This seminar is for you! Learn about the different types of modifications and the basics for a variety of general contract modifications.

This seminar is perfect for the new GSA Contractor, or experienced contractor who have not previously made submissions for contract modification. This seminar also acts as a perfect training session for new contract personnel.

Plymouth Consulting Gsa Contract Training pROGRAMS

                                                                                        ON-SITE TRAINING
                                                                                        Personalized Training on Your Schedule

                                                                                        The Plymouth Consulting GSA Contract Training Programs offer a unique solution to                                                                                         Government Contract training.

                                                                                        Most of the training sessions that you see are held at remote locations, sometimes

                                                                                        states away. More often than not, the material covered is geared toward a variety of

                                                                                        attendees, providing only generalized information. Only a portion of the material

                                                                                        covered is truly relevant to your company. Then, when you return to the office, the

                                                                                        challenge of deciphering the information begins.

At Plymouth Consulting, we understand that your time, and your staff's time, is extremely valuable. Likewise, proper contract training is valuable to your company's contract success. These necessities are often difficult to balance

We provide you with the perfect training balance. 

Our on-site training provides you with the training you need, right in your office. Our training sessions are customized to your your contract terms & conditions and your specific needs. 

Don't see the training that you need? Let us know and we will design a specialized training program to meet your needs.

Attendance at each training session is unrestricted. 10 training manuals are provided with each registration. Additional training materials are of course available at an additional fee.

In addition, Plymouth Consulting offers 4 free hours of phone and e-mail consulting for 30 days after your training session to answer any follow-up questions you may have.